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June 15, 2004
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M-18G Juggernaut Assault Mecha by MobileSuitGio M-18G Juggernaut Assault Mecha by MobileSuitGio

Model Number: M-18G
Classification: Heavy Assault Mecha
Manufacturer: Lohengrin Engineering
Pilot: N/A
First Deployment: N/A
Accommodation: pilot only, in fixed cockpit mounted into mecha frame
Head Height: 10.0 Meters
Weight: 45.0 tons
Sensor Systems: Head Camera; Heat Based Sensor System, 200 meter effective range
Targeting Systems: Onboard Computer
Construction: Reinforced Titanium Composite Alloy
Power Plant: Onboard Energy Battery, 2 Hour Operational Time
Propulsion System: Black Sphere Drive, Beta Type
Flight Speed: 200 km/h
Maximum running speed: 20 km/h
Leap Distance: 2+ Meters
Safe Fall Distance: 10+ meters
Armament: Black Sphere Projectile Cannon
Special Armament: N/A


The Juggernaut series lohengrin mecha is one of the ‘second generation’ lohengrins developed by the Lohengrin Engineering group. The others in the series include the Cerberus and Maelstrom series. All three models utilize the same basic frame, with a number of individual developments to specific roles, as well as a number of unique features that developed as Lohengrin Engineering became more advanced in developing mecha and weapons technology.
The Juggernaut is the heaviest armored and slowest moving of the three lohengrin designs – but it also has the highest potential weapons load-out yield and destructive capability. The Juggernaut’s slower pace is compensated for by the fact its armor layering is twice that of most models, giving it a major defensive booster against most mecha based weapons, and a neigh impervious state against most traditional weapons.
Armor, however, is only one of the Juggernaut’s impressive design features. The largest part of the Juggernaut’s design role is its Black Sphere Projectile cannon, which gives it an unparalleled destructive power against any and all types of ground based vehicles and structures. While the Black Sphere Projectile Cannon is almost exclusively for anti-ground based assault, its wide heavy reinforced frame allows the Juggernaut to load up a variety of other heavy striking weapon systems for most any enemy type, usually taking place as some form of missile system.

Weapon Systems

Black Sphere Drive (Type Beta)
Location: Mounted into mecha frame

While not a weapon system, the Black Sphere Drive is a vital piece of equipment that was developed for use in the second and third generation Lohengrins. While the main purpose of the Black Sphere Drive was to provide thrust for larger air born craft, the smaller Alpha Type Drive module was adapted to allow small vehicles and mecha an energy efficient flight system. However, the Alpha Type was generally too small for larger scale weight classes, but the larger Omega Type used for larger ships generally proved ‘too power’ and too detrimental on mecha operational times. To compensate for this issue, a slightly larger variant of the Alpha Type was created – the Beta Type.
The Black Sphere Drive is made up of two vitally important components – a central core, and an outer shell like layer. The central core is externally controlled to make subtle and minute movements that are then channeled through the outer core – these movements are converted to kinetic energy, which is then magnified several thousand times and causes the outer shell to move. Any craft (mecha, vehicle or battle ship) which uses a Black Sphere Drive has its frame lined with the same material as the Drive’s outer shell, and then directly connected to the Drive system itself – thus the kinetic energy that channels through the outer shell transfers into the frame of the craft itself. When applied as a means of flight, the Black Sphere Drive generates enough kinetic force that it is able to counter-act the forces of Earth’s gravity, generating lift.

Black Sphere Projectile Cannon

Location: Hand Carried
Rate of Fire: 2 Round Buckshot, 6 Buckshot Shots per Minute
Ammunition: 6 Rounds Ammunition Clip

The Black Sphere Projectile Cannon is the ultimate in sheer destructive potential developed by the Lohengrin Engineering team. Rather than firing traditional weapon rounds which either exploded or were designed for armor piercing, the Black Sphere Projectile Cannon fired spherical rounds of steel which had been combined with the same material which made up the core of the Black Sphere Drive System. These projectile rounds are loaded up into the gun’s firing chamber before being fired out with magnetic coils (similar to the gauss weaponry used by the Cerberus and Maelstrom models). As the rounds exit the barrel of the Projectile Cannon, they are given a charge of Black Sphere energy from the Juggernaut itself – which combines with and amplifies the existing kinetic force of the rounds. What usually follows it a sonic boom as the Black Sphere Rounds are delivered to their target at supersonic speeds. Generally speaking, the impact alone is enough to devastate any ground based target, and turn the surrounding area into a flattened crater – but the effect is all the more devastating against mecha or battle ships that use the Black Sphere Drive System. When impacting against a craft that uses a Black Sphere Drive system, the Black Sphere Rounds will impact against the hull, shattering the outer-plating as the remainder of the kinetic force transfers into that craft’s Black Sphere Drive system, causing a negative energy feed back that will cause the entire craft to move in separate directions at the same time, tearing it apart.

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thanks to ~SeijiTataki for helping with the specs :thumbsup:
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nemo-h Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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was the gun it's holding inspired by Virtue's GN-Bazooka?
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not really... gundam 00 was released by 2007. had this dev since 2004..
titaniumfortress Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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BloodyPi Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012
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