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April 6, 2004
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M-22S Maelstrom Elite Mecha by MobileSuitGio M-22S Maelstrom Elite Mecha by MobileSuitGio

Model Number: M-22S
Classification: Special Operations Mecha
Manufacturer: Lohengrin Engineering
Pilot: N/A
First Deployment: N/A
Accommodation: pilot only, in fixed cockpit mounted into mecha frame
Head Height: 11.0 Meters
Weight: 28.6 tons
Sensor Systems: Head Camera; Heat Based Sensor System, 200 meter effective range
Targeting Systems: Onboard Computer
Construction: Reinforced Titanium Composite Alloy
Power Plant: Onboard Energy Battery, 3 Hour Operational Time
Propulsion System: Black Sphere Drive, Alpha Type
Flight Speed: 350 km/h
Maximum running speed: 55 km/h
Leap Distance: 2+ Meters
Safe Fall Distance: 5+ meters
Armament: 100mm Gauss Rifle, Titanium Blade
Special Armament: N/A

The Maelstrom series mecha is one of the ‘second generation’ suits developed by the Lohengrin Engineering group. The others in the series include the Cerberus and Juggernaut series. All three models utilize the same basic frame, with a number of individual developments to specific roles, as well as a number of unique features that developed as Lohengrin Engineering became more advanced in developing mecha and weapons technology.
The Maelstrom series shows a particularly notable advancement over the other models in that it possess a highly efficient military grade radio, allowing secure and long distance radio communications. Additionally, advancements in the sensor system originally used by the Marduc have allowed a greater effective range. More importantly, the multi-camera system used by the Maelstrom allows for multiple zoom settings at the same time on the cockpit display, with a maximum 300 x zoom potential.
The Maelstrom is significantly more expensive to manufacture – as well as being much, much costlier to maintain and keep in good working order. Because the high amount of skill required to properly pilot the Maelstrom, and the higher production costs, the Maelstrom series was once limited to the Expeditionary Force’s Royal Dragoons when it was first deployed, until orders were made to extend its services, and was later made famous by the Expeditionary Force's Blood Hunters.

Weapon Systems

Black Sphere Drive (Type Alpha)
Location: Mounted into mecha frame

While not a weapon system, the Black Sphere Drive is a vital piece of equipment that was developed for use in the second and third generation Lohengrins. While the main purpose of the Black Sphere Drive was to provide thrust for larger air born craft, the smaller Alpha Type Drive module was adapted to allow small vehicles and lohengrins an energy efficient flight system.
The Black Sphere Drive is made up of two vitally important components – a central core, and an outer shell like layer. The central core is externally controlled to make subtle and minute movements that are then channeled through the outer core – these movements are converted to kinetic energy, which is then magnified several thousand times and causes the outer shell to move. Any craft (lohengrins, vehicle or battle ship) which uses a Black Sphere Drive has its frame lined with the same material as the Drive’s outer shell, and then directly connected to the Drive system itself – thus the kinetic energy that channels through the outer shell transfers into the frame of the craft itself. When applied as a means of flight, the Black Sphere Drive generates enough kinetic force that it is able to counter-act the forces of Earth’s gravity, generating lift.

100mm Gauss Rifle

Location: Hand Carried, Magnetic Coils powered by power coupling in lohengrin's hand
Rate of Fire: 3 Round Burst Fire or 1 Round Fire Setting
Ammunition: 25 rounds per clip, Additional clips mounted on rear armor rack
The 100mm Gauss Rifle fires 100mm Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Armor Piercing rounds made from a copper coat and depleted uranium core. The rifle uses a magnetic coil system to fire the 100mm rounds at extremely high velocities, increasing the maximum distance of the rifle as well as increasing its armor piercing capacity. Depleted uranium cores spall (flake) as they penetrate an object, creating a hot, fine dust which is capable of killing personnel and igniting fuel and ammunition. The 100mm gauss rifle can fire in a standard three round burst, or in single round setting – making an excellent sniper rifle.

Titanium Blade

Location: Hand Carried in use, Rear Hip Mounted
Coming in at a length of approximately 5 meters, the Titanium blade is a thick and wide piece of reinforced machined titanium alloy. The extra armor plating allows for added protection against shock and wear against the blade, while it’s wide and easily gripped form allows for it to be drawn in a variety of positions and situations to suit the pilot’s individual style and needs. The made blade frame is made to be slightly softer than the blade edge (which is why the frame is encompassed by an outer armor layer) to absorb the shock from any melee strike, while the blade is made of an alloy composition designed to make it harder and heartier, having been applied to several heat treatments. The actual blade composition of the entire weapon has been machined similar to the Japanese katana, allowing an unparalleled cutting and edge-holding capacity that allows the Titanium Blade to do considerable damage to light to medium armored targets.

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